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Pilot Susan and Buzzards Glory mascot Mimi

Eastern Iowa’s Family Ballooning Connection

Buzzards Glory Balloon Company


Taken prior to ballooning on October 14, 2005

Our Mascot Mimi

Mimosa Stamats, known to everyone as Mimi, passed away on October 15, 2005.  In March she had an infected cyst removed from her back and as a result of routine surgical blood work we found her white blood count was alarmingly high.  The first week in May, after many tests and procedures at the University of Wisconsin Veterinarian Clinic and consultations with vets all over the world, she was finally diagnosed with two different kinds of cancer.  Mimi was given two to six months.

She continued with her ballooning duties, being our mascot and also in charge of public relations.  Even though her energy level declined over the summer and the fall her enthusiasm for ballooning remained.  Toward the end she would sleep most of the day, neither eating nor drinking and then about an hour before it was time to go ballooning she would come to life.  Mimi would eat, drink and then stand by the chase vehicle waiting for me to open the door so she could get in and sit on her seat.  It was her job and her social time.  She loved people, especially the crew who were very good to her.  They gave her many pets, lots of drinks and special treats they had saved for her.

August ended up being a very traumatic time for us.  Mimi had another infected cyst.  This time it was in her tail and quite large.  We were told her tail would have to come off because the cyst was so large that after removal there wouldn’t be enough skin to close the incision.  She was in a tremendous amount of pain and I couldn’t bear to have her go though any more than necessary by cutting off her tail so I begged the vet to try saving it and we did.  She ended up with a lion’s tail.  No hair except at the very end.

We always think each one of our dogs is special, and they are, however, I think Mimi is the most special dog I’ve ever had because she helped me though the most difficult time of my life and hers.  First my husband, Peter, passed away, a few months later we lost our dog Max, and shortly after that our two cats, Black Bart and Aldo.  That was a tremendous amount of loss for both of us to endure in such a short time.

February 11, 1996 – October 15, 2005

Mimi was remarkable; she was my sole companion for the past year and a half.  She was an affectionate, gentle, playful sole who gave me hope.  Everyone who met Mimi thought she was beautiful and to me it was more than her physical appearance it was her persona, she radiated life.  I will dearly miss my sweet furry friend.

Susan Stamats