Welcome to Buzzard’s Glory Hot Air Balloon Company. We hope you enjoy the fun, excitement and adventure captured in these photos.

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A ride in a hot air balloon is unlike any other experience. Floating through the sky seeing the land spread out below and seeing the area from a unique perspective. (More Info and pricing)

May 2018
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Buzzards Glory Balloon Company, LLC provides fun, family oriented hot air balloon rides for all occasions.  Flying the skies over Cedar Rapids for over 40 years, Buzzards Glory was founded in 1974 by Peter O. Stamats to share his love of ballooning with others.


CRB&T First Inflation.

Perfect Morning for the Test Inflation of the CRB&T at the Lindstrand Balloon Factory in Galena. It’s a big beautiful balloon that will soon be flying over Cedar Rapids. Attention Crew Members new updates to individual crew profiles require inclusion shoe imprints.

UP! UP! and Away!

What a great day for a balloon ride. The weather has finally let us out into the sunshine and gentle breezes, which means its time to fly! We took off from Butterfield Park in Marion and thought I should take along some of my fabulous crew. But instead I took Ryan and Julie. Thing are …


You can schedule a ride by calling 319-363-3842 or emailing Susan scheduling@buzzardsgloryballoons.com.