No Flight but still Celebrating

We tried to fly last Friday night. The wind did not want to cooperate. It was Mathew’s 17th birthday. So we celebrated at Edith Lucille’s

Birthday Boy!
Crew patiently waiting.
Best Buds.
The Crew for the night!
Mathew when he first started crewing.

At the Balloon Factory today!

Mischievous Maggie and I were out and about today when we received photos from Lisa at the Lindstrand Balloons factory. She sent a couple of pictures of the new Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust balloon.

They were rigging the envelop and it needed to be partially inflated. Rigging is where they fasten in the parachute top, red line pulleys as well as the red line and load cables. The picture above is looking inside the balloon from the bottom.

Here is the outside of the balloon. It is really a big beautiful balloon that we are looking forward to flying over and around Cedar Rapids  SOON! darn weather.

Look for this and our other balloons.



First Flight 2018

March 17th Saint Patrick’s Day

Excitement mounts as pilots and crew ready for the first flight of the year.

New to the Crew this year is Maggie.

Adam Lau  aka “Auntie Loo”

It was a short distance as the crow flies however it was a hot air balloon and PIT Chris did two donuts and a bow tie prior to making a drop line landing.

Fun was had by all.


Welcome to Buzzard’s Glory Balloons

We are busy getting ready for the upcoming balloon season. Working on equipment, going to safety seminar and finding a new friend to ride along!

When the weather settles down we look forward to taking you aloft for a ride on the gentle breezes. See you soon, Susan